Alkaline Diet And Gout

Alkaline diet has been used with great success in arthritis and gout. It helps alleviate the pain and suffering of arthritis pain and gout attacks. If followed religiously while satisfying other specific conditions, an alkaline diet can eliminate all gout symptoms and may even lead to a complete remission of arthritic gout.

What is an Alkaline Diet?

To make it simple, foods are classified as being alkaline or acidic to the body. Alkaline foods are foods that turn the body’s pH alkaline when consumed, they may taste acidic like lemon or lime, but once absorbed in the body they become alkaline. Other foods like meat and sweet foods do not taste acidic but once consumed they become acidic. So an alkaline diet is composed of an alkaline diet plan that contains foods that keep the body’s pH alkaline.

Acid Alkaline Balance and Gout

A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral. Our body’s blood pH when we are healthy is slightly alkaline at 7.41. As we keep consuming an acidic diet, we decrease our body’s blood pH to acidic levels, which make the body’s tissues and organs vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. In the case of gout, a correlation between blood acidity and gout has been established. Excess uric acid in the body’s tissues needs an acidic environment to deposit as monosodium urate crystals. Thus, keeping the body’s blood pH through an alkaline ash diet may be key in halting urate crystals deposits in the joints.

Alkaline Diet Benefits

Besides the possibility of interrupting the production of uric acid crystals and preventing gout attacks, the benefits of an alkaline diet are countless, let’s mention a few here:

1. May slow bone loss
2. May Increase growth hormone
3. May Lessen the intensity of chronic diseases
4. May Lower cancer risk

Alkaline Diet Foods

All vegetables are alkaline food. Most fruits are alkaline except for: pomegranates, strawberries and cranberries are acidic. Most grains are alkaline except for: wheat, oats and white rice are acidic. Concerning brown rice, corn and soybeans are considered neutral.

The following foods are alkaline: cold pressed olive oil, sprouted beans, sprouted seeds, buckwheat, and millet.

The following foods are neutral: almonds, Lima beans, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, tofu, raw honey, most dried beans and peas, non fat milk, vegetable oils.

The following foods are acidic: Breads, cereal, milk, cheese, butter, refined flour, refined sugar, meats, poultry, cashews, pecans and peanuts.